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Myfirstwig Lace Glue Remover

Myfirstwig Lace Glue & Remover Set

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GLUE Glue Remover Remover Rem lace glue
How To Use Lace Glue:
  • 1. Remove all residues and dirt from hairline
  • 2. Apply 3-5 thin layers of lace glue above the hairline
  • 3. Wait until lace glue turns clear and tacky
  • 4. Apply lace onto a tacky substance created above the hairline.
  • 5. Allow the lace glue to dry & tie-down for 10 minutes.

    How To Use Glue Remover:
    1. Apply on the adhesive area for 30 seconds.
    2. Wipe residues and rinse off with soap and water.
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