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Getting Started on

Natural Textures Journey

Here our story begins

We were endowed with our beautiful natural textured hair since we came into the world. We were told “Accept who you are; and revel in it”. Definitely, it is a gift. But we know that girls are sometimes willing to try a different style, and Myfirstwig just has a small but great dream that every girl shares the same opportunity to change her hairstyle without changing herself.

Let’s start with the natural hair texture.

What kind of natural hair texture do we offer to our customers? The styles of Natural hair are already very beautiful, and Myfirstwig deeply understands how eager our customers are in looking for more ways to create or maintain their unique and beautiful appearances.

So after plenty of research and improvement, it is a great pleasure for us to offer you our natural hair textured wigs and extensions, which comes in three different textures: CURLY, COILY, KINKY CURLY. If you look at the pictures below, you will get a clear idea about which kind of texture you’d like to choose.





Being natural is not a statement,
it's the closest i can get to being myself.