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Abena Afrane

A Boston hairstylist that specializes in hair care and styling of all hair types. Her styling expertise
focuses primarily on edgy cuts, natural weave ins and special occasion styles. When not servicing
clients, Abena extends her talents to the classroom by teaching future hair stylists. She is especially
skilled in all types of hair replacement.
Any questions about wig routine? Comment below!


Lolena:what products works best to clean and reduce frizz?
Ajay:How can you do buns with wigs?
Amber:How to store my wig when I don’t want to wear it?
Priscilla:How long can a wig last?


I've noticed that some wigs start to have a "static electricity" look. Is there a way to stop that? Frizz serum does not work.
Hi!! You should try some bio silk! I love that product. Use a little drop so it doesn't get oily.
How often do you wash your wig @shearphysique?
hi!!! There is no exact time frame.. You can usually tell she it looks greasy and doesn't hold a curl well. Just make sure you use sulfate products!
How often should you take a break from wearing a wig? Should you always wear a cap?
I always recommend taking a break every 2 months.. Don't sleep in your wigs.. Oil scalp daily. A cap is used to protect your natural hair from being pulled with the combs.. And our sensitive edges.
Products recommended for usage?
my favorite product for wigs is Ion Keratin shampoo and conditioner from Sallys as well as biosilk.. Sallys has their version which is just as good
Hey! I ordered a curly unit and it comes with a strong corn chip smell. I tried to remove it with shampoo and lemonade water, even vinegar, but the smell still persists. What should I do then??
hi!Did you fill up a basin with warm water and shampoo? Also how do you let your wig dry?try warm water.. Shampoo and rinse at least 2 times.. It's awesome you let it air dry.. That's important.
How do u properly wash ur wig without messing it up?
You should use a basin and fill it with warm water and sulfate free shampoo.. Dip it in the basin holding the wig by the top.. Run your fingers through it.. Make sure to not scrunch the hair. It will knot it. Apply conditioner and let it sit for about 10 minutes.. Rinse out with cool water.. Always let it air dry. I will be posting a video soon! My favorite product you can purchase is from Sallys. Ion keratin shampoo and conditioner l. Check it out