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Abena Afrane

A Boston hairstylist that specializes in hair care and styling of all hair types. Her styling expertise
focuses primarily on edgy cuts, natural weave ins and special occasion styles. When not servicing
clients, Abena extends her talents to the classroom by teaching future hair stylists. She is especially
skilled in all types of hair replacement.
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Lolena:what products works best to clean and reduce frizz?
Ajay:How can you do buns with wigs?
Amber:How to store my wig when I don’t want to wear it?
Priscilla:How long can a wig last?


Seriously wondering if longevity of wig is reduced after coloring. I wanted to try to color but was told it wouldn't last as long. Also what about bleaching knots for more realistic look...how long do you leave bleach on?
Bleaching knots will definitely help the wig look more realistic.. Coloring the wig does reduce the longevity of the wig if you don't properly care for it.. It's important to use sulfate free shampoo and condition your wig regularly. Any chemical service will shorten the longevity of the wig.. You don't want to leave the bleach on for more than 20 minutes. that's why it's important to condition the hair often.
what products works best to clean and reduce frizz?
hi! I love biosilk! A little goes a long way!
can I wear it swimming?
Ok... I don't recommend you do it bc salt water isn't to forgiving on hairpieces.. If you do just be sure to wash and condition it after
How to lay the closure so it stays flat and secure? Does the braids got to be tiny?
I usually do 8 corn straight back.. Bleaching the knots help a lot.. The band method is another way for it it to lay flat.. Have you heard of that method? MYFIRSTWIG has it on their website as well as offering it in the new wig packages.
How do you bleach the knots? I also have my hair braided but the front piece won't lay flat at all. I assumed it was because my head was small but is there any way to make it stay flat? I use the combs.
20 volume developer and bleach.. Mix it according to the package.. Turn wig inside out.. With a color brush spread a small amount on the inside of wig.. Be very careful not to put too much on because it'll seep onto the hair.. If it isn't laying flat try adjusting the combs or straps.. Another method is the elastic band method.
How can you make your hairline look more natural?
there are so many different ways to make your wig look more natural.. I like bleaching my knots/ tweezing areas as well.. In my opinion if you follow those steps it helps make it look more natural.. The lace always has to lay flat and tight for it to look more natural as well.