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Abena Afrane

A Boston hairstylist that specializes in hair care and styling of all hair types. Her styling expertise
focuses primarily on edgy cuts, natural weave ins and special occasion styles. When not servicing
clients, Abena extends her talents to the classroom by teaching future hair stylists. She is especially
skilled in all types of hair replacement.
Any questions about wig routine? Comment below!


Lolena:what products works best to clean and reduce frizz?
Ajay:How can you do buns with wigs?
Amber:How to store my wig when I don’t want to wear it?
Priscilla:How long can a wig last?


How can you do buns with wigs?
you may have to do it in sections.. The top half.. Then add the bottom half. About the sections, it means part it ear to ear for the first section and put it into a ponytail then bring up the bottom half that you sectioned up to what you've already secured into a ponytail.. Use another elastic (or whatever you secure your ponytails with) use a brush to conceal the part you made from ear to ear and put the elastic around the first pony tail along with the bottom half
What is the best wig for a beginner, first time user looking for a natural look?
hi!!! I think the Alexis MFS002 would be the best.. You always want to go with straight hair.. You can keep it straight or curl it whenever you want.. Full lace for first time users can hold the bun easier! All wigs can be put in high buns too!!
Does all curly hair Matt and shed a lot or does Myfirstwig hair manage better than most. What products keep the curls juicy?
it shouldn't matt if taken care of properly.. When I wearing my curly wig.. I condition it every other night.. I use 4naturals Afro stretch curl cream- and let it air dry over night
What products can I use on the curly hair keep my curls looking nice and bouncy?
hi!! With that wig what I do is.. At night m.. I fully saturate it with water and I also use naturals Afro stretch cream and let it dry over night.. One thing about curly hair you should remember the more you touch it the frizzier it gets.. If you can't find the product online I can DM you the picture