4 in 1 Pre Max Lace Front Wig
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V Part Human Hair Wigs – One of the Perfect Glueless Solutions for Effortless and Stylish Wig Wear.

  • No Glue. No Gel. No Spray. Easy and hassle-free, even for wig beginners.
  • No need to blend lace to skin or large leave-outs like normal U part wigs.
  • It’s a lifesaver on busy days, gym days and unexpected meetings, or hope for scalp break.
  • Perfect for black women who prefer natural look and authentic up close in real life.
  • What is V part Wig?

    Different from other wig types, there is a small V-shaped opening at the top of this wig that evenly exposes the natural scalp, and provides a natural-looking hairline. The flexible V-shaped opening also gives the versatility of adjustable partings, easily switching the hair part from left to middle to right. V part Wig is one of the excellent solutions for those who seeking protective glueless real human hair wigs.

    How do you secure a V part Wig?

    It's quick easy and beginner-friendly, No Glue No Gel or No Adhesive is needed. It's optional to do leave out or not, you can simply put the wig on head, aligning the V-shaped opening with your natural hair parting. Then, secure the wig using the adjustable straps and inside combs found within the wig cap.

    What the point of Myfirstwig V part Wigs?

    Myfirstwig upgraded the V Part Wigs With Lace on the two sides of the V-shaped opening, which provides a more seamless and realistic look. The opening side can be thinner and give a more seamless fit with your own scalp and natural hair parting.
    Myfirstwig V Part Wigs are suitable for black women to install the wig with Minimal or even No Leave Out, so there's no worry about thin or bad natural hair.

    What styles are available for Myfirstwig V Part Wigs?

    Myfirstwig V part Wigs offer a Wide Range Of Styles. From short wigs to long wigs, different types of curls like deep wave wigs or curly wigs. Black wigs or playful colored wigs like blonde or brown wigs.
    Whether you prefer classic hairstyle, or chic styles like bob wigs with bangs, you'll find the perfect fit in our collection.
    The hot and best seller types include Yaki Straight V part wigs, Kinky Straight V part wigs, Bob V part wigs, etc.

    Are Myfirstwig V part wigs suitable for small or big head?

    Myfirstwig V part Wigs cap offers 2 Options -- Size 1 (circumference 21.5" - 22") and Size 2 (circumference 22.5" - 23") with Adjustable Straps, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit to Fit All Different Size Head, whether your head is small or large.