4 in 1 Pre Max Lace Front Wig
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Soft Silicone Scalp Care Hair Brush Scalp Massager Comb

Soft Silicone Scalp Care Hair Brush Scalp Massager Comb

Wig Care Kit & Wig Installation Kit Bundle Set - WCI

Wig Care Kit & Wig Installation Kit Bundle Set - WCI

Wig Care Set - Wig Shampoo &Conditioner & 5pcs Moisturizing Hair Mask - WCS

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How to choose cap size?
Cap size will decide whether your wig can lay down well on your head, so it is very important to choose a suitable size. If you are not sure about your cap size, we do recommend you to measure your head in advance.

1. You need to lay down your hair as tight as you can before measuring your head size.
2. Measure your head size like picture tutorial below, and remember to write down all your measurement.

Third, check your measurement and the size table, choose a suitable size.

front to nape14"14.5"
ear to ear across forehead12"13"
ear to ear over top12.5"13"
temple to temple round back14.5"15.5"
nape of neck5"6"

Finally, if you have any confusion about your size, you can also contact customer service for help.
• Email: [email protected]
• Phone Number: +1 718 414 6522
• Business Time: 9pm-5am Sun-Thurs and 9pm-12pm Sat


  • No More Damage Amino Acid Balance Shampoo
    Our Balance Shampoo is designed to care for and soothe brittle and sensitive hair, while gently caring for your wigs and weaves. This oil-balancing shampoo gently clarifies, softens, shines and treats. With minimal foam, the buriti oil brings moisture and balance back into the hair. The result is a healthy wig with a long life expectancy.

  • Buriti Oil Deep Conditioner

    The Buriti oil is added to thoroughly moisturize your wig and weaves from roots to ends and keep the hair in the best condition at all times. Polymer film agent perfectly recreates the protective and nutrient rich filled environment created by the human scalp, allowing your wig and weaves to retain nutrients and moisture.

  • Moisturizing Hair Mask ——Best hair masks to tame dry hair and keep them hydrated!

    Essential ingredients:
    SNAIL ESSENCE has smaller molecule: Nanomolecules. It can enter the inside of the hair core faster. SNAIL ESSENCE also contains the perfect balance of protein, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants, which have been proven to slow down the aging process in hair and repair damaged hair.
    Nourishing bag:
    The sealed NOURISHING BAG can better lock in the nutritional ingredient. Put the hair in and let it be, make the unit stunning again!

  • How To Care Your Wig With Shampoo & Conditioner?

    Massage shampoo into wet hair extensions, working from roots to ends, adding more water if needed. Leave in 1-3 minutes, then rinse (repeat if necessary). Follow with Buriti Oil wig deep conditioner.
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